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​​​​​​​​Board Meeting Minutes

● Water Softeners
● Report a Leak
● Responsibility for Service



​​The Board meeting Agenda will consist of financials , maintenance and management reports , as well as other matters that come before the Board.

The items for discussion for  the Executive Session may included : personnel, litigation, contract negotiations, enforcement actions, confidential communications with the association attorney ,matters involving invasion of privacy and other matters that are confidential by requested party.

Annual Meeting

Tuesday, December 13,2022, Via Zoom, the meeting starts promptly at 7PM. Please start logging in by 6:30p.m. and add your unit number behind your name to expedite the sign in process.

Meeting ID:886 1285 5479 Password: PV By phone: 346 248 7799 Meeting ID: 886 1285 5479 Passcode: 130193

​​Pine Village North Financials

2015 Financials Year End

2016 Financials Year End 

Pine Village North Board Members

​​​​​​​​Monthly Financials

East Aldine District.

  • Tony Briscoe - President
  • Diane Gonzales - Vice President
  • Augustine Rodriquez 
  • ​Megan Latour - Treasurer
  •  Renee Pullman

For Your Information!

Pine Village P.U.D.
Pine Village P.U.D services the following:

Insurance and Maintenance Responsibilities to Owners

Please remember, per the Section 6 and Section 7.00 of  Rules and Regulations , Exhibit I , Third  Supplemental Affidavit of Property's Owners ' Association Pursuant To The Texas Property Code 202.006, All Owners are responsible for insuring his or her town home structure and personal belongings, both in the town home unit and garage. In the event that the need for maintenance or repair is caused through the willful or negligent act of the Owner..., the cost of such maintenance or repairs shall be added to and become a part of the assessment to which such Building Plot is subject.  To view the entire Section 6.00 - Insurance  and Section 7.00 Maintenance please see Third  Supplemental Affidavit of Property's Owners ' Association Pursuant To The Texas Property Code 202.006  under the  Regulations / Forms tab.

Dispatch 713-221-6000

Aldine Storefront 281-449-6600



713-595-1232 or 713595-1220

● Pay My Water Bill
● How to Check for Leaks
● Reading Your Water Meter
● Board meeting for PUD Board is the second Tuesday of each month 4 PM at The East Aldine District Office ,5333 Aldine Mail Route, Houston

North East Pine  Village  

Homeowners Association

Houston, Texas 77039